We are (A)WAKE

With MONO as our home base, (A)WAKE creates space for nuanced voices and polyphonous perspectives. We develop (cultural) programs close to current socio-political actualities. Programs that initiate, rather than react and do not see counterculture as anexpression of consumption but appreciate it as a manifestation of itself. In a world dominated by media and populism, we aim to move freely between the domains of (contemporary) art and politics. By embracing the seductive power of aesthetics and design, and by joining our forces with substantive voices of counterculture we reach a diverse audience of upcoming creatives.

We serve the new generation of thinkers and makers, whose digital reality runs parallel to the physical reality. As this new generation recognizes the complexity of society, it admires transparency and values to be closely involved in the processes of policy making. On the outlook for surer footing and guidance within our fast paced society, there is a desire for organizations with strong values. Approaching society in terms of inclusivity and pluralism is the new status-quo. Therefore we refuse to treat diversity as a ‘checkbox’ and are determined to create space for new makers in a sustainable and structural way. We are only the ‘new voices’ as long as the old remains.

In between digital-, youth- and counterculture