Volunteers welcomed

We are looking for volunteers to join our forces in supporting the team and visitors.

The second edition of the New Radicalism festival is coming up. To emphasize on the plurality of approaches and perspectives we decided to add an extra ‘s’ to the title. From the 30th of June till the 3rd of July, (A)WAKE organises a four-day festival in Rotterdam exploring shared identities, digital realities and cultures of the in-between. We are looking for volunteers to join our forces in supporting the team and visitors. As a volunteer, you have an important role in making our guests feel at home and therefore get the honored title of hosts.

With a festival where many mother tongues are merged and mingled together, from Dutch, English, Turkish, Tamazight, to the many Arabic dialects, the hosts will often take the role of a translator. Not only to offer access to language, but to also kindly open the doors of this rich festival environment full of insights, ideas and views to the ones who might get lost in translation.

This role also can take shape in a more symbolic way. Starting from the question: ‘But…where are you really from?’ we explore answers that can be imagined instead of the ones that are expected. What are the definitions of belonging that can be proposed? What could be our shared identity, which realities can be imagined and what is the landscape of the in-between? As a host, you welcome the artists and visitrs into the different contexts, references and networks that exist parallel to each other.

Apply here.
Deadline 12th of June 00.00 (CEST)

For who?

Young artists, thinkers or cultural professionals who have a relation to the WANA region and/or want to further orient themselves within the cultural landscape. You are sensitive to themes around representation and inclusion, polyphony and decolonization and are looking for cultural organizations that share the same ideals.

What do we offer?

— Free full entrance to the festival
— 2 day-tickets for you to give away
— Food and drinks during/after your shift(s)
— New Radicalisms goodie bag
— Supportive network and team

What roles do we ask?

Backstage manager
—  Keeping backstage organized
— Serve food to crew & artists

Info point
— Welcoming visitors
— Scanning online bought tickets and providing wristbands
— Selling tickets and providing wristband
— Managing guest list and providing wristband
— Providing information on locations & programme

Location host
— Welcoming visitors
— Check for correct wristbands
— In contact with security
— In contact with info point for capacity management

Artist service
— Welcoming artists
— Show them the backstage and festival site
— Making sure they are on time at their location
— Contact for questions

Merchandise booth
— Selling merchandise
— Keeping merchandise shop organized

— Fit and willing multi-valuable forces that ​​​​ensure the smooth running of the festival by “running’’ between locations and helping out artists and crew.
— If in possession of driver’s license B: Picking up artist/speakers from Central Station

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions by emailing to volunteers@a-wake.world